Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statement.

1. The ‘real masters’ of the company. –
Ans: Equity shareholders

2. A document of title of ownership of shares.
Ans: Share Certificate

3. The holders of these shares are entitled to participate in the surplus profit. 
Ans: Participating Preference Shares

4. A party through whom the company deals with debenture holders. 
Ans: Debenture trustees

5. Name the shareholders who participate in the management. 
Ans: Equity Shareholders

6. The value of share which is written on the share certificate. 
Ans: Face value

7. The value of share which is determined by demand and supply forces in the share market. 
Ans: Market Value

8. The policy of using undistributed profit for the business. 
Ans: Retained earnings

9. It is an acknowledgement of loan issued by company to depositor.
Ans: Deposit Receipt

10. A Dollar denominated instrument traded in USA. 
Ans: American Depository Receipt (A.D.R.)

11. The Depository Receipt traded in country other than USA.
Ans: Global Depository Recipient (G.D.R.)

12. Money raised by company from public for minimum 6 months to maximum 36 months. 
Ans: Public Deposits

13. Credit extended by the suppliers with an intention to increase their sales. 
Ans: Trade Credit

14. The credit facility provided to a company having current account with bank. 
Ans: Overdraft