Answer in one sentence.

(1) What Is Stock Exchange ?
Ans. Stock Exchange is a specific place where trading of the securities is arranged in an organised manner.

(2) Who is Broker ?
Ans. Broker Is a member of a Stock Exchange who has license by stock exchange to buy or sell shares on behalf of his clients.

(3) Who is Jobber ? 
Ans:  A Jobber is a dealer in Stock Exchange who trades In securities in his own name.

(4) Who Is Bull ?
Ans. A Bull is a speculator who purchase the securities with the Intention to sell them higher price later to earn profits.

(5) Who Is Bear ?
Ans. A Bear Is a speculator who expects fa the price of a security and sells his security avoid further fall In prices.

(6) Who Is Lame Duck ?
Ans. A Lame Duck Is a bear broker whose expectations have gone wrong and makes a loss In his dealings.

(7) What Is Trading Ring ?
Ans. The trading or auction of shares takes place on the floor of the Stock Exchange Is known as Trading Ring.

(8) What Is Sensex ?
Ans. Sensex Is the Index of the BSE which represents the Increase or decrease In the price of stocks of selected 30 companies. 

(9) What is Rally ?
Ans. If the Sensex or NIFTY moves in upward direction over a period of 14 to 20 trading sessions It Is called Rally. 

(10) What is Crash ?
Ans. If the Sensex or NIFTY moves In downward direction, It is called Crash.